Taking IASTM to a whole nother level

How the Muscle Bomb was Born

The Muscle Bomb in Action

What Sets us Apart from the Competition


The Muscle Bomb is the 1st and only IASTM tool that is round to fit the user's hand.  All of the other tools on the market are flat and causes fatigue and pain with extended use. The fingers and hand rests easily on the ball portion while the larger arm muscles do the effort.


Made from 100% solid aluminum. The Muscle Bomb is both lightweight and durable that will last a lifetime.  The ball portion has a sandblasted finish to increase grip while the handle is polished to slide easily on the skin.


The Muscle Bomb is the only IASTM tool you will ever need.  Many IASTM tools cost $300 or more while sets cost in the $1,000's.  With a life-time warranty against any manufacture defects, we stand behind our product.